Veterinary Imaging Education & Training

Epica™ is dedicated to the continued development of its veterinary CE education, training, and user forum designed to enhance your advanced imaging and PACS skills

As our market-leading image resolution and veterinary technologies continues to expand, we look forward to providing new and ultra-high quality on-demand training courses, user forums, and step-by-step tutorials presented by Epica Animal Health and Peregrine Radiology. We continue to provide our community of veterinary clients with recurring CE webinars that will explore interesting cases and discuss different procedures and protocols that can be used to enhance your Vimago™ HDVI, Radiography, and Ultrasound skills. These courses are approved for continuing education credit hours for veterinarians and technicians by AAVSB RACE.

Robotics Education & Training

Epica's robotics education and training is designed to enhance a facilities skills of robotic automation and manufacturing professionals.

Our ultra-high-precision industrial robotics division, Roboticom™, is perhaps the world’s best-kept secret in industrial robot automation, integration, and applications. With more than 200 world-class industrial customers representing automotive, aerospace, defense, general manufacturing, marine, stone, tile and general healthcare industries, Roboticom™ offers a broad portfolio of automated industrial robotic platforms including market-leading SandRob™, ScultoRob™, and Ortis™ for ultra-high-precision surface sanding, cutting, and carving in virtually any material from composites to metals and natural materials.